The eZISS digital critical editions of Slovenian literature offer selected Slovenian texts with integrated facsimiles, transcriptions and scholarly commentary, in some cases including audiovisual recordings.

The eZISS project strives to create a synthesis of three components. The first one is the tradition of Slovenian literature, reaching from medieval manuscripts and folk songs to works of literary art. The second component is ecdotics – the tradition of philological study of texts and their presentations in critical editions. The third component is modern information technology. Digital critical editions do not supersede classical printed editions, but offer several possibilities, additions, and a way to a more varied reader's reception.

The complex digital encoding of texts with facsimiles, transcriptions, critical apparatus and audiovisual recordings is achived with the help of open standards of textual markup: Unicode, XML, and the Guidelines. This foundation helps the editions to be better resistant to technological change, software independent and compatible with other standardised digital resources. From the source XML, an HTML version is created with XSLT stylesheets; to read the HTML, only a standard browser is required.

The editions are intended for lasting public use, and are therefore accessible to everyone on the world-wide Web. It is also possible to save any edition to your computer, and use it there without an Internet connection.


Foglarjeva pesmarica
Editio princeps

Author: Lovrenc Foglar
Year: 2021
Zbrane pesmi
Elektronska znanstvenokritična izdaja

Author: Anton Podbevšek
Year: 2010
S poti
Elektronska znanstvenokritična izdaja

Author: Izidor Cankar
Year: 2007
Brižinski spomeniki [elektronska]
Znanstvenokritična izdaja
e-ZISS • Brižinski spomeniki

Edited by: Darko Dolinar, Jože Faganel
Year: 2007
Korespondenca Žige Zoisa

Author: Žiga Zois
Year: 2004

Publishing House

Založba ZRC


Ljubljana; Inštitut Jožef Stefan


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