The correspondence of Žiga Zois


The collection consists of three parts:

  • Correspondence between Žiga Zois and Jernej Kopitar from the period 1810–1818 from the papers of France Kidrič. This comprises approximately 100 original letters and drafts of letters as well as scanned material, transcriptions, and translations of these letters in electronic format. The scans, transcriptions, and translations of 25 letters from 1812 and 1813 are available online.
  • An inventory of the correspondence of Žiga Zois, archived at the National Museum in Ljubljana. This contains information about the senders and recipients of 1,095 letters and enlarged photocopies and transcriptions of 195 letters.
  • An inventory of the correspondence of Žiga Zois from the Ironworks Museum of Ravne. The photocopies comprise approximately 150 letters and their transcriptions in electronic format.

The material is also available to outside users by arrangement.

Contact persons: Luka Vidmar, PhD, and Alenka Koron, PhD.