Library of the Institute of Slovenian Literature and Literary Studies

Like other institute libraries at the SRC SASA, the library operates as part of the SASA Library, where material is processed and entered into the catalogues. However, lending takes place at the institute. The library, which is also shared by the Institute of Cultural History, serves researchers at SRC SASA and is open to the public as well. It is especially a source for literature unavailable at other general and specialized libraries.
The library’s holdings include approximately 35,000 units (primarily monographs, annual volumes of journals, special printings, and some CD ROMs and audiovisual material). These include Slovenian and international monographs and periodicals dealing with literary history and theory, some collections of critical and annotated editions of literature, an extensive selection of older Slovenian literature (including publications from the 16th to 18th centuries), and a nearly complete collection of older Slovenian periodicals. The holdings also include a special collection representing the entire library of the playwright, critic, and essayist Adolf Robida and parts of the libraries of the writer and politician Ivan Tavčar and the literary historian France Kidrič. The library acquires approximately 500 units per year (mostly books and issues of scholarly journals), primarily through purchase, but in part through exchange and donation.
Visitors can search for older material in the library’s card catalogue. Information on material acquired after 1991 is accessible through the online COBISS database.
Lending hours: Monday through Thursday, 11 AM to 1 PM.
Librarian: Alenka Porenta

Telephone: +386 1 470 61 82