New volume edited by Marko Juvan

Published on: September 30, 2021

Marko Juvan, member of the literary institute at ZRC SAZU, has edited the collection of essays titled Med majem 68 in novembrom ’89: transformacije sveta, literature in teorije (From May 1968 to November 1989: Transformations of the World, Literature and Theory). The result of the project ‘May ’68 in Literature and Theory’, the book is the latest addition to the Studia litteraria book series at Založba ZRC and can be openly accessed as an e-book. The volume brings more than 500 pages of scholarly writings on the revolutionary 1960s and the counter-revolutionary 1980s. The classic problematic is approached from two novel standpoints: the literary and the peripheral one. Literary practice and the politics of the peripheries of the world-system are the fields in which the contributors investigate the ways in which critical theory and neo-avant-garde literature in the world, in Slovenia and in Yugoslavia were intertwined with the student protests that demanded the transformation of both the capitalist world-system and its socialist counterpart.