International colloquium ‘The Spatial Turn in Literary Studies’

Published on: 14. September 2012

‘The Spatial Turn in Literary Studies’, the 10th annual international comparative literature colloquium of the Slovenian Comparative Literature Association, took place from September 6–7, 2012 in Lipica (Slovenia) as part of the 27th international literary festival Vilenica. The colloquium was organised by Marijan Dović, Jernej Habjan and Marko Juvan, all members of the ZRC SAZU Institute of Slovenian Literature and Literary Studies, which – along with the Slovenian Writers’ Association and the Department of Comparative Literature and Literary Theory, University of Ljubljana – offered institutional support.

Theoretical dimensions of spatiality in literary studies as well as analyses of historical relations between literature and space were presented in the papers by Bojan Baskar, Jörg Döring, Marijan Dović, Jerneja Fridl and Mimi Urbanc, Jernej Habjan, Peter Hitchcock, Marko Juvan, Maria Kalantzopoulou, Alenka Koron, John Levin and Sarah J Young, Urška Perenič, Robert Stockhammer, Sonja Stojmenska-Elzeser, and Andrei Terian.

Members of the Institute of Slovenian Literature and Literary Studies and the Anton Melik Geographical Institute have also presented their joint project The Space of Slovenian Literary Culture.

Abstracts of the papers have been published in the programme of the colloquium. Selected contributions will appear as the 2nd 2013 issue of Primerjalna književnost.