Jernej Habjan on May ’68 in European Review and Interventions

Datum objave: 14. december 2021

Jernej Habjan, research fellow at the Institute of Slovenian Literature and Literary Studies, ZRC SAZU, is the guest-editor of two clusters of essays on May ’68, published in Interventions and European Review respectively. Issue 3 of volume 23 of Interventions brings articles on May ’68 at Fifty: Politics and Literature’, contributed by Vladimir Biti, Divya Dwivedi, Woosung Kang, Jean Khalfa, Rastko Močnik, Robert Stockhammer, Galin Tihanov and Robert Young. Issue 6 of volume 29 of European Review brings a Focus’ on May ’68 and Its Philosophers: Paris, Beijing, Ljubljana’, with articles by Rok Benčin, Simon During, Suman Gupta, Marko Juvan and Kaitlyn Tucker Sorenson.