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Zbornik ob sedemdesetletnici Franceta Bernika

Edited by: Jože Pogačnik
Year: 1997

The Festschrift is dedicated to the president of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts France Bernik, PhD, scientific adviser in the Institute of Slovene Literature and Literary Sciences with contributions referring to Slovenian literature in connection with world literature. Introductorily, his curriculum vitae and complete bibliography, compiled by Jože Munda, is published; thirty-two papers – eleven of them are of foreign authors – present the main part. Many fields of Slovene studies and literary science, among them interpretation, textual and verse analysis, literary and cultural periodization, literary categories, and reflection of fundamental definitions in literary science, are represented by following authors: F. Buttolo, D. Dolinar, J. Faganel, A. Flaker, I. Frangeš, K. Gantar, G. Giesemann, I. Grdina, S. Hafner, H.-B. Harder, B. Hartman, A. Inkret, M. Jurak, M. Juvan, T. Kermauner, J. Kos, A. Leitner, R. L. Lenček, T. Ložar, D. Moravec, R. Neuhäuser, M. Ogrin, V. Pacheiner-Klander, J. Pogačnik, H. W. Schaller, G. Schmidt, A. Skaza, M. Smolik, M. Stanovnik, J. Vrečko, F. Zadravec.

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Bernik, France
collective volume
literary historians
literary studies
literary theory
Slovenian literature


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