Imaginarij Krsta v slovenski literaturi. Druga, popravljena in dopolnjena izdaja

The aim of Imaginarij Krsta v slovenski literaturi [The Imaginary of Baptism at the Savica in Slovene Literature] is to show how literature is made from literature, how new strings of signification breed from the existing signifiers, how literary ‘palimpsests’ unveil the understanding of the tradition, and how literary metatexts regulate the reception of the original text and to what degree they are part of it. Another intention of the book is to explore how France Prešeren’s romantic verse-tale Krst pri Savici (Baptism at the Savica, 1836) became so firmly set in the imaginative world of Slovene literature for more than 150 years. Why and how did its open formulations lead generations of writers to ever new allusions, revisions, and re-writing? The persistence of the ‘Baptism narrative’ in the Slovene literary system discloses the nationalist fixation of the latter on the traumatic master narrative about the Christianisation of the medieval Slavic principality of Carantania and its subjugation to Germanic rulers.

Table of content

Predgovor k drugi, popravljeni in dopolnjeni izdaji (ob 180-letnici Krsta pri Savici)


1. Teorije medbesedilnosti

2. Od obrobja do trdega jedra

3. Medbesedilni odnosi, oblike in vrste

4. Ključno besedilo v sistemu metakomunikacije

5. Mik Krsta

6. Krst pri Savici v literarnih delih

7. Pomenski obtok Krsta v spreminjanju in dialoškosti literarne kulture

8. Časovnica literarnih navezav na Krst pri Savici

9. Dodatek: Narod med epom in romanom: Prešernov Krst pri Savici kot kompromisni »svetovni tekst«

10. Viri in literatura


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IMAGINARIJ KRSTA; Demokracija 17.11.2016

Profil: dr. Marko Juvan (Ksenija Horvat); RTV SLO 03.11.2016

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