‘The Book and the Economy of Cultural Spaces’: A special issue of Primerjalna književnost

Published on: 9. August 2012

Primerjalna književnost (Comparative Literature), the journal of the Slovenian Comparative Literature Association, devoted its first 2012 issue (Vol. 35, Nr. 1) to the book medium. Partly based on ‘The Book: An Economy of Cultural Spaces’, the international conference organised by the Slovenian Comparative Literature Association, REELC/ENCLS and the ZRC SAZU Institute for Slovenian Literature and Literary Studies, the issue brings English-language articles by Tiina Aunin, Maja Breznik, César Domínguez, Marijana Hameršak, Dragos Jipa, Marko Juvan, Alenka Koron, Miha Kovač, Anna Notaro, Jola Škulj, David Šporer, Aleš Vaupotič, Alexis Weedon as well as by the issue editors Marijan Dović and Jernej Habjan. The issue is closed by a Slovene-language review section and Peter Scherber’s memoriam for Erika Greber.