Basic information
6 September 2012 at 12:00 until 7 September 2012 at 14:00
Lipica, Slovenia

Institute of Slovenian Literature and Literary Studies
Slovenian Comparative Literature Association
Slovenian Writers’ Association
Department of Comparative Literature and Literary Theory, University of Ljubljana

The colloquium will take place as part of the Vilenica International Literary Festival.

The contributors will exchange their views on whether or how the spatial turn in the humanities represents a shift in the structural dominant of knowledge system that enables scholarly discourse to advance new or heretofore undervalued dependencies by construing spatial models from the observed phenomena. Papers will be presented by Bojan Baskar, Jörg Döring, Marijan Dović, Jerneja Fridl and Mimi Urbanc, Jernej Habjan, Peter Hitchcock, Marko Juvan, Maria Kalantzopoulou, Alenka Koron, Urška Perenič, Robert Stockhammer, Sonja Stojmenska-Elzeser, Jola Škulj, Ayşe Deniz Temiz, Andrei Terian, Bertrand Westphal, and Sarah Young and John Levin. Themes will include: literary studies and geography; literature as a product and a producer of space; the history and theory of the spatial turn in the humanities and social sciences; the spatial turn and the new theories of world literature; the relations between cultural centers and peripheries; thematic maps of literature’s spaces and literary spaces; GIS (geographical information systems), the humanities, and literary studies.

Organizing Committee: Marijan Dović, Jernej Habjan, and Marko Juvan.

New book by Mojca Šorli

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