Basic information
15 October 2019 at 19:00
National and University Library, Turjaška 1, 1000 Ljubljana

Institute of Slovenian Literature and Literary Studies
National and University Library

The Natonal and University Library (NUK) and the Institute of Slovenian Literature and Literary Studies (ISLLV ZRC SAZU) would like to welcome you to the opening of the exhibition on the Baron Sigismund Zois’s Library: Centre of the Enlightenment Culture in Slovenian Lands. Authored by Sonja Svoljšak (NUK) and Luka Vidmar (ISLLV), the exhibition will be opened on 15 October at 19:00 in the NUK Exhibition Hall. Introduced by Viljem Leban, Director of NUK, and Oto Luthar, Director of ZRC SAZU, the plenary speaker will be Igor Papič, Chancellor of the University of Ljubljana. The program will include a performance by the Baroque Ensemble of the Academy of Music, University of Ljubljana.