Marijan Dović, PhD
Senior Research Associate at the Institute of Slovenian Literature and Literary Studies, Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts; Assistant Professor at the Postgraduate School ZRC SAZU

+386 1 470 63 04

In his research, Marijan Dović centres mainly on the literary canon, the systems-theory, the historical avant-garde, Romanticism, authorship and canonization. He has published numerous articles (both in Slovenian and English) and three scientific monographs. As a member of IGEL, EAM, ICLA and the Slovenian Comparative Literature Association, he has organised several conferences devoted to the Slovenian avant-garde, literature and censorship, literary mediation, and the relationship between literature and music.

The Silver Sign of ZRC SAZU (2008)
Trdina Award, City Municipality of Novo mesto (2008)

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Slovenian Writers and Imperial Censorship in the Long Nineteenth Century (temeljni_raziskovalni • 01. september 2020 - 31. august 2023)
Mountaineering Literature: Slovenia and Beyond. Intertextuality, Intersubjectivity, Internationality (temeljni_raziskovalni • 01. july 2019 - 30. june 2022)
May ’68 in Literature and Theory: The Last Season of Modernism in France, Slovenia, and the World (temeljni_raziskovalni • 01. july 2018 - 30. june 2021)
National Poets and Cultural Saints of Europe: Commemorative Cults, Canonization, and Cultural Memory (temeljni_raziskovalni • 01. october 2014 - 30. september 2017)
The Space of Slovenian Literary Culture: Literary History and the GIS-Based Spatial Analysis (temeljni_raziskovalni • 01. july 2011 - 30. june 2014)
The “Slovenian” World Literature: Locating World Literature in a National Literary System (temeljni_raziskovalni • 01. may 2010 - 30. april 2013)
Slovenian and Czech National Revival (1780-1848) (bilateralni • 01. january 2011 - 31. december 2012)
Icelandic and Slovenian Cultural Saints (bilateralni • 29. september 2009 - 31. december 2010)
Evolution of Authorial Roles: Slovene Literary Author in Comparative European Context (podoktorski_raziskovalni • 01. january 2007 - 31. december 2008)
Critical Editions in Electronic Medium (aplikativni_raziskovalni • 01. july 2001 - 30. june 2004)

Dr. Marijan Dović, born in 1974 in Zagreb, has studied comparative and Slovene literature at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana (graduated 1999; PhD 2006, supervisor Marko Juvan). Since 2000 he has worked as a researcher at the Institute of Slovenian Literature and Literary Science ZRC SAZU. He has published three monographs (Sistemske in empirične obravnave literature /Systemic and Empirical Approaches to Literature/, 2004; Slovenski pisatelj: razvoj vloge literarnega proizvajalca v slovenskem literarnem sistemu /The Slovene Writer: Development of the Literary Producer in the Slovene Literary System/, 2007, and Mož z bombami /The Man with the Bombs/, 2009) and a number of articles in Slovenian, English and other languages. He has also organised a number of conferences and edited several thematic volumes of Primerjalna književnost and collections.

Research areas
General and comparative literature, literary criticism, literary theory H390

systems theory
literary canon
cultural nationalism
national poets
historical avantgarde
authorship theory