Zbrano delo, 2. knjiga. Motnordeči glas; Kri; Nezbrane pesmi; Nezbrana proza
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Edited by France Pibernik

The first section of the second book of Collected Works by Vladimir Truhlar (1912–1977) presents the part of his poetry that, due to political circumstances and his early death, the poet was unable to publish himself, while the second section, entitled Unselected Poems, presents all of the remaining poems from his early period. The collections Motnordeči glas ('Obscure Red Voice') and Kri ('Blood') were published after the poet’s death by his sister Zora Tavčar, edited by Pater Lojze Bratina, but both collections were written during Truhlar’s Roman period. The collection Motnordeči glas continues the orientation of the collection V dnevih šumi ocean ('In the Days the Ocean Rumbles'), except that the poet’s word is much closer to the sacraments and to Biblical associations, while the poems in the collection Kri surprise with their gnomic brevity and conceptual pithiness. The unselected poems are dominated by works written while Truhlar attended secondary school and published in youth journals, as well as a smaller set of works written while the poet was studying in Rome (1934–1941) and published in Dom in svet ('Home and World'). Together, the first and second books of Collected Works represent Truhlar’s complete poetic output, the entire literary opus that is preserved and accessible.

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