Zbrano delo, 1. knjiga. Nova zemlja; Rdeče bivanje; V dnevih šumi ocean; Luč iz črne prsti

Author: Vladimir Truhlar
Publishing House: Založba ZRC
Year: 2011

The work of theologian, poet and philosopher Vladimir Truhlar (1912–1977) is extensive and extremely diverse, encompassing poetry, literary journalism and especially extensive theological scholarship. Due to the fact that, after the war, he spent almost all of his years in exile as a professor at the theology university Gregoriana in Rome, and because his theological scholarly activities were directed primarily towards the European sphere, he was less known in Slovenia, where his poetry and part of his theological writings were encountered rather late, towards the end of the 1960s and later. Nonetheless, his poetry collections contain much that is new and even ground-breaking for the Slovenian historical sphere. The present book presents the first four of his poetry collections, Nova zemlja ('New Land'), Rdeče bivanje ('Red Residence'), V dnevih šumi ocean ('In the Days the Ocean Rumbles') and Luč iz črne prsti ('The Light from Black Fingers') edited and annotated by France Pibernik.

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Andraž Gombač: Bo modernizmu in teologiji sledil socialni realizem; Primorske novice (26.1.2012)

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Truhlar, Vladimir


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