Moje ekstaze skulptura. Znanstvenokritična izdaja pesniškega opusa

Author: Anton Podbevšek
Year: 2008

Anton Podbevšek (1898–1981) was one of the central figures of the Slovenian literary avant-garde. Moje ekstaze skulptura (The Sculpture of My Ecstasy) provides a printed scholarly edition of all presently known poems by Podbevšek, including his only collection of poetry “The Man with the bombs” and a number of previously unpublished manuscripts from the poet's literary legacy and other sources. The book includes colour facsimile of manuscripts and footnotes. An extensive account of Podbevšek’s life and work is given in the monograph Mož z bombami (The Man with the Bombs, Marijan Dović, 2009).

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literary commentaries
Podbevšek, Anton
Slovenian avant-garde
Slovenian literature


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