Anton Vodnik (1901–1965) was one of the most unique poets in Slovenian literature of the 20th century: in his opus, Slovenian poetry achieved a pure lyricism without a trace of epic elements, a completely internalised, spiritualised poetic language in modern free verse. As a young poet, Vodnik was influenced by Gregorčič and Župančič, but he soon connected these authors with the broader horizon of European symbolism an expressionism. His ethereal, sublime lyrics embody one of the peaks of Slovenian symbolism and new romanticism. France Pibernik’s monograph presents the development of Vodnik’s world view and poetry with close reference to primary archival sources, particularly letters by the poet himself and by many of his contemporaries. Pibernik reveals a colourful interweaving of historical details, spiritual convictions of principle and poetic fragments. The firm historical-biographical method, which Pibernik supplements with interpretation in an unforced way, thus discloses a significant part of Slovenian spiritual formation from the interwar period.

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Biblos (epub, 2015)
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