Research Assistant, PhD, and secretary at the Institute of Slovenian Literature and Literary Studies, Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Phone. lab.:
+386 1 47 06 300
Research interests

Mojca Šorli, PhD in Linguistics, is a researcher, lexicographer and translator. Her main research interests are corpus analysis with lexicographic and lexical description, pragmatics, translation studies, discourse analysis, women’s studies and contrastive analysis. In addition to the core topics of linguistics and language, she publishes on a variety of current social topics, including the representations of social genders in public discourse.

Selected publications

(W. Dušan Gabrovšek et al.:) Veliki angleško-slovenski slovar Oxford. 2 vols. Ed. Simon Krek. Ljubljana: DZS, 2005–2006.

Ed.: Dvojezična korpusna leksikografija: slovenščina v kontrastu. Ljubljana: Trojina, zavod za uporabno slovenistiko, 2012.

Corpus-based Lexicographical Descriptions with a Special Focus on Pragmatics: The Case of the Slovene Lexical Database. ELOPE 10.2 (2013): 45–65.

Forms of Encoded Pragmatic Meaning: Semantic Prosody. A Lexicographic Perspective. Lingue e linguaggi 10 (2013): 95–111.

(W. Nina Ledinek:) Language Policy in Slovenia: Language Users’ Needs with a Special Focus on Lexicography and Translation Tools. In: Electronic Lexicography in the 21st Century. Ed. Iztok Kosem et al. Brno: Lexical Computing, 2017. 377–94.

Pragmatic Meaning in Lexicographical Description: Semantic Prosody On the Go. In: The User in Focus: Proceedings of the XVI EURALEX International Congress. Ed. Andrea Abel, Chiara Vettori and Natascia Ralli. Bolzano: Institute for Specialised Communication and Multilingualism, 2014. 477–93.

Selected projects

Jezikovna politika Republike Slovenije in potrebe uporabnikov (target research project • 1. October 201630. September 2017)

Sporazumevanje v slovenskem jeziku (applied project • 1. June 200831. December 2013)

Curriculum Vitae

Mojca Šorli was born in Ljubljana in 1970. She graduated in English and Italian from the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, where she also received her master's degree in Modern English in 1999. In her doctoral thesis she focuses on corpus-derived forms of pragmatic meaning in the context of lexicography and translation studies (2015, Pragmatic Meaning in Bilingual Lexicography). Today she works as a part-time researcher, a translator and a lexicographer. In the years 1996-2008, she co-authored and edited two contemporary corpus bilingual dictionaries (the comprehensive Oxford-DZS English-Slovenian dictionary and the concise DZS Slovenian-English dictionary). In 2008–2012, she worked as a compiler of the Slovenian Lexical Database, part of a broader research project Communication in Slovene designed to develop language resources. She is editor of Dvojezična korpusna leksikografija. Slovenščina v kontrastu: novi izzivi, novi obeti, a scientific monograph on bilingual corpus lexicography (Trojina 2012).

She also works as a translator in the field of social sciences and humanities. In 2017, she translated and edited Lexicology: A Short Introduction by M. Halliday and C. Yallop (Krtina 2017).

Research areas

Linguistics H350 


corpus linguistics • lexicography • pragmatics • translation • discourse theory • gender